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It seems every 2 years, i come back to this incredible site. This time i am looking for artists and people who make music/remixes who would like some promotion! Although only minor, its an amazing oppertunity to grow alongside another project. If you are interested, drop a line to my inbox and i can get back to you with some more details!

November Update 1

2010-11-02 19:03:35 by bluedude2000

So my random animation "Hi Five" has just gone up and so far is not getting a bad response. Looking forward to delving into the depths of animation and hopefully making something that gets a score better than 3.00

As always im working on a million thing so god knows what im next going to uploda. So keep your eyes open! (:

May Update 2

2010-05-22 13:54:43 by bluedude2000

Well the new game has finally gone up, slight trouble with a glitch on level 5 which has hopefully now been hotfixed.

Big thanks to all that were involved with the project. The links to all those who helped are in the right click menu of the game itself

also thanks to human beatbox for sponsering the game.

I hope you all enjoy it !

Watch this space for more to come!

May Update 2010

2010-05-15 14:27:08 by bluedude2000

Well well well, dear internet, i am back! :O

It's been a long time as you may or may not have seen. But good news !

I have finnaly finished a game :O

All im doing now is awaiting approval from someone who helped me with part of it and then BAM! its Here! yayyy!!!

If anyone is actually reading this (probly not) Then it shall be here soon! Kee watching this space! (Or welcome to this space. . . if u just found me)


December Update 1

2009-12-07 10:04:17 by bluedude2000

Hello hello hello! To anyone who bothers to read this, i have good news (:

In my last update i explained that 2 more people would liek to help. Well only one of them contacted me so less work for me (:

Anyway, the game is almost complete, its almost time to show the world the amazement of my game!
Soon it shall be revealed, keep your eyes open and check back soon!

October Update 3

2009-10-25 18:01:07 by bluedude2000

once again the project is delayed as ive had 2 more people wanting to help. So im waiting for their response and the game shall be finished!

October Update 2

2009-10-13 12:59:28 by bluedude2000

Ok so i didnt reach my target of getting it all ready for Sunday due to lateness from people. however the game continues! its becoming more and more complex now with characters being finalized and souns being implemented and finished. All soon to be released hopefully within 7 more days!

Keep an eye out!

October '09 update!

2009-10-07 10:55:04 by bluedude2000

Hello to anyone that actually reads this!

I have good news! After a few months break from Flash due to college comitments. However i am now back! and what a project i have got coming soon! coming to you this Sunday (Hopefully) a brand new project! Details are still secret at this current time but more details will be release soon!




2008-10-15 08:29:30 by bluedude2000

OK. So recently i have found a method to do my sniping game really well with, so at the moment, im concertrating on this. Im hoping to have this done pretty soon :D

Myself and Jaxander are going through major ideas and scripting/storyline ETC on Driftwood project. This is going to take a while

I have decided to drop the maze game, its taking too long and there is no inspiration.

Im still waiting for some help to Finish the Chronicles of Lulham 2, i still have to contact some people....

Thats about all for now. Keep checking back for new updates as i seem to be updating a lot atm. Also keep an eye out for my games being posted, it wont be long now :P :D

NEW! update

2008-10-01 04:54:09 by bluedude2000

OK, i know tht not many people read this, but to the few who do, thanks :D

In my last post, i was workin on lot of projects. Because of this, i got really tied up in them all so none hav actually been completed. So now, im concertrating on one at a time! i will finish them All!!

So the first one i want to hav completed is The Sniping Game. This should be finished int the next 2-3 months. After that, i will b finishing Chronicles of Lulham 2. This should be up and running around x-mas

After that, i mite go on to finish the Maze.

I also hav another project running along side these 2 projects which will b revealed later on this year, or erly next year.

Keep checking back for more updates :D